Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for Myself

Getting Time To Myself

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Trying to find "me" time without sacrificing time with and for my family is hard, and it is a struggle every mother deals with. My three kids come first because they have to. I drive them to and from school, pack lunches, clean, cook, do laundry, dress them and then I go to work! Now that I work 20+ hours a week finding time to myself is even harder. When I was a stay at home mother I could find a couple of minutes here or there to watch a show or read a magazine, during nap time or while my kids played outside. Now getting that time is even harder.

I decided me time was very important to me and my mental well being. I can promise myself days at the spas, weekends away or manicures every Saturday but that rarely happens when the reality of day to day life hits.
All of my kids go to bed at 8pm and after that- it is me time! I spend time alone with my husband, I watch bad reality TV and catch up on phone calls and emails.
I earned that time and although sometimes I take that time to also fold laundry and do dishes, I do not have to do so while kids are asking me for a drink or fighting with each other.
I get to do it in total peace and quiet!

How do you get me time?

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